Performance Tips
A belly dance video or DVD is the next best thing to live belly dancing instructions. An instructor will provide you with proper belly dancing instructions and make sure you are executing the movements correctly.

It is my sincere hope that the suggestions presented here will offer useful belly dancing instructions to dancers interested in doing shows for fun, fitness or profit and will assist you in developing your own style.

Some of the items you will need to professionally perform this dance are a battery-operated CD player with good volume, 10-15 minutes of pre-recorded Middle Eastern music, comfortable dance shoes, decorated bra, hip band, skirt and a three-yard sheer veil. After becoming comfortable with the dance, you may want to add finger cymbals, which are also referred to as zils.
More Tips

As for belly grams, what is really required is an actress with the ability to improvise with the audience and to present a character that is entertaining enough to transform an ordinary get-together into an extraordinary, unforgettable event.
I have found when I enter a party, the crowd may be uptight; however, by the time I finish my show, everyone is more relaxed and are now fully enjoying the party.

Generally when a belly gram is ordered, it is a gift. It is the obligation of the performer to do her best to make the telegram as entertaining as possible. This does not mean she should degrade the dance. It means that she should go beyond the dance and present a total, wholesome entertainment experience.

You will want to be vivacious, confident, and instill a feeling of celebration in the group. You will need to smile and bring some fantasy to the party. You'll want to be warm to the group and personable to the guest of honor. Make everyone smile and leave them with exciting memories. All of this will come easy after following the belly dancing instructions on Nevina’s video or DVD.

Belly dancing is another form of entertainment that allows you to use your talent and sense of humor to reach people and make them happy! Also, so as not to lose your audience, you will want to keep your dance brief and upbeat. Nevina’s belly dancing instructions will show you how to do this.

For my show, I enter to lively music, use slower belly dance music for a veil dance, then the pace of the music picks up and I end with a lively finale.

The dancer attempts to include the recipient in the show. At any rate, make this participation section very short. Get him up to satisfy the audience, stop at a high point, and rave about his performance. Thirty seconds to a minute is long enough, for his sake!

I want to wish you the best of luck and "Happy Belly Dancing."


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