"Nevina, I saw your video over the weekend and I am more in awe than ever of your talent, grace, beauty, and expertise.
W. Jones, Customer Developer of www.wilmington.com
"Your video is superb! You are very talented, so lovely, and so graceful.  It's been a pleasure to watch you dance.
Della Hansen, Customer
Hi, I have recently purchased your
"How to Belly Dance For Fun and Fitness"
I love it -- it's great!

When I received your package, it was very heart-warming and personal. I loved the way you wrapped my veil in the purple tissue paper and the thank you note was such a personal touch. I am also impressed with your prompt delivery! I am excited and anxious to start learning belly dancing with your video!
Deborah McGuane
"Donna and I found your input in the video to be very professional all the way around.  It is obvious how good you are.  We found your instructions to be very easy to follow especially for a beginner student."
Klaus Fischer, Owner, IMS
"You've tried aerobics, you've stair climbed and cycled, you've done laps, marathons, yoga classes, and kick boxing and now you're bored with everything.  Of course you want to stay active but you'd also like to have a little fun while you work at keeping those muscles toned and that heart pumping. Here it is!  With Nevina's new video
"How to Belly Dance for Fun, Fitness, and Profit", you will smile, giggle and laugh at yourself while you raise your heart rate."
Editor's Review,
Sussex County Woman Newspaper
"I just finished watching the video. You are beautiful and a very graceful bellydancer. Your dancing is sensuous but not vulgar. You express the dance as an art, which of course it is. I am inspired. I will probably wear out the video trying to emulate every tiny bellydance movement. I am so glad I came across your web site. Thank you again for your prompt attention to my requests."
Eula Morrison, Ocala, FL
"Dear Nevina, Thank you so much for sending the Belly dance Tape! What a revelation! It should be required viewing for anyone even interested in attending a performance! The specific movements, head, arms, shoulders, chest, hips, legs, feet are the component parts to the dance on a par with the steps or positions of any other form of dance. It really legitimizes belly dancing as a complex and disciplined form of dance art. Clearly competence in these basic movements is important but ultimately it is the artfulness of their combination into dance that distinguishes form from art: and you my dear are an artist!"
John Arbeeny
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