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Nevina's belly dancing instructional fitness video keeps the belly dance steps and movements simple so that even the complete beginner will have no problem learning to bellydance. With belly dancing lessons on video or DVD, you can learn the proper bellydance steps and movements, rev up your circulation, build stamina, tone muscles, and enhance your sense of well-being.
With bellydance, the body becomes well toned and strong, tight and firm, but not muscle bound. Bellydancing will also work to enhance your strength and endurance. Once you start to learn belly dancing techniques, you will see positive changes in your body; this will make your belly dancing experience even more gratifying.
Belly dancing is a great form of exercise. It is fun, relaxing, and there will be so much room for it can also provide a lucrative income.
From practice and performance, Nevina became more physically fit without looking at it as work as we sometimes do with exercise. Bellydancing works the muscles and increases the heart rate while you are having fun!
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History of Belly Dancing
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