Question: I love to dance and never felt frozen on the dance floor, but I recently started taking belly dancing classes and feel stuck trying to learn some of the moves. Do I have to learn movements in a precise fashion in order to enjoy the dance? I feel trapped like a genie in a bottle. I feel the joy and need for self expression when I'm belly dancing but I'm too concerned with perfect moves. I feel this interferes with my spirit to flow through. Please help!! - Nina
Answer: Hi Nina, your spontaneity will come the longer you dance. I was the same way in the beginning, but you'll soon be able to do the movements without even thinking. Take a few of the movements that you do well....... put some music on and just do them. After you are more relaxed and feel comfortable, add another movement and build like so.
Question: I'm in the last tri of my 4th pregnancy and am looking for an alternative to walking. Can a pregnant woman get involved with belly dancing? - Desiree in Albuquerque, NM
Answer: You should have a medal!! Your 4th pregnancy - wow! I've had two children and continued to dance (for my own enjoyment) while pregnant. You may want to consult your doctor. If you had been dancing prior to becoming pregnant, there would be no problem continuing, but I'd hate to see you begin anything new at this point. Why don't you continue to walk, then take up belly dancing after the baby is born.
Question: Does belly dancing require using veils and cymbals? I would just like to learn to belly dance without them. - Megan in Gonzales, LA
Answer: Megan, certainly you can dance without the use of a veil and finger cymbals. I'm sure they did in the days of old. For me the veil and finger cymbals have always been a nice extension of the dance. In Egypt most dancers don't use finger cymbals since they are being played by a member of the band. The dancer also enters with the veil but discards it graciously early in the show.
Question: Do I need a background in dance in order to understand Nevina's instructions?
Answer: No. This belly dance video is excellent for the beginner student.  Focus is on all the basic moves, finger cymbal instruction and dancing with the veil.
Question: I'm 61 years old. Can I benefit from belly dancing at my age?
Answer: Absolutely! All the movements are low impact, making this form of exercise perfect for all ages and body types.  You'll find the dance to be fun, extremely relaxing and provides a pleasantly surprising degree of physical exercise at the same time.
Question: How long will it take to receive my video?
Answer: Product is shipped the same day the order is received.  Depending on where you live, allow at least 1-2 weeks for delivery.
Question: Do you or are you supposed to dance barefooted? I have sensitive feet and I notice that most dancers perform barefoot. Do you dance barefoot? Do you ever perform in shoes/sandals? Is there a difference between barefoot dancing and dancing with shoes/sandals?  Please respond at your convenience. I'd really love to learn the dance but want to be comfortable and not look out of place.
Answer: I always wear sandals when I dance. I have a friend who wears ballet slippers.  I danced barefooted for many years, then when I got a piece of glass in my foot, I vowed to always cover the soles of my feet. Sometimes I get a request for an outdoor show and it's almost impossible to do without foot covering.  There have been times that I would do five shows on a Saturday evening.  If I hadn't worn sandals, the bottoms of my feet would have gotten soooo sore!

Some dancers spray or decorate their shoes/sandals to match their costume. I've even had people in my audience say that I looked like I hadn't finished dressing when my feet were bare.  My sandals are light tan and just blend with my skin tone.

There is probably no right or wrong answer.  I think safety should be your first concern.

If there is a dance shop near you, you may be able to  purchase some comfortable shoes or sandals there.

Good luck with learning to belly dance.  Concentrate on doing the movements properly and don't worry about what's on your feet.
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