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About Nevina
Nevina studied belly dancing at the University of Delaware for three years. In her quest to improve her technique, she traveled to Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City for advanced instruction. She also traveled to Egypt as part of a Folkloric Dance Study Tour. Nevina's style is truly unique and she is often heard saying "I've learned so much from so many." She became a certified belly dancing instructor in 1983.

She continues to perform belly dancing throughout the United States and has brought her impromptu and effortless style to such venues as the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas and the Casablanca in Delaware. Her experience has earned her an extraordinary reputation across the East Coast for being a dancer of unique grace and elegance
About the DVD
This new belly dancing video and bellydance DVD are excellent for the beginner student. Focus is on basic movements, including dancing with a veil and finger cymbal instruction. The bellydance video shows that all movements are low impact, making belly dancing the perfect form of exercise for all ages and body types.

Belly dancing videos with belly dance music are a revolution in the world of fitness and aerobic exercise. It promises to provide a fun, relaxing, and, most importantly, creative way to get and stay in shape. Belly dancing is one of the most imaginative forms of dance. With this bellydance DVD or video, even beginners can learn how to use belly dancing to build stamina, tone muscles, strengthen the cardiovascular system and enhance their sense of well-being.

Nevina designed her belly dancing video/DVD to cater to the beginning student, providing instruction on all of the basic moves. Her bellydance video/DVD also provides tips for performance and advice on professionally and tastefully interacting with an audience. However, Nevina stresses that the key to successful dance is simply to have fun. Whether performing for an audience or simply dancing for fitness, Nevina provides the student using her belly dancing video with all of the movements necessary to create a lively and exhilarating belly dance.

Performance Tips
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